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TV Globo Internacional

This channel is part of the Brazilian packages

This channel offers a vast selection of the best shows produced in Brazil. Don’t miss the thrills of the Brazilian Soccer championship, with the best games live. Watch the best soap operas and keep in touch with what happens in Brazil and the world with live news.

Soap Operas
The best novellas are on TV Globo Internacional. In 2011, favorites like Ti-Ti-Ti, Passione, and Insensato Coração were aired. TV Globo’s soap operas captures the soul of Brazil, and showcases the high quality of brazilian programming. The talent of hundreds of professionals – authors, directors, actors and costume designers, and have become an international reference for TV drama series.

TV Globo Internacional showcases the soccer championships thoughout Brazil. Watch the best games of the Brasileirão live, with all the great plays, goals and thrill. Root for the Brazilian National team on their presentation matches, and don’t miss the shots of the best soccer players in the world

The news from Brazil and the world are aired on TV Globo with responsibility, fairness and impartiality. With eleven international correspondents and 600 news teams over 122 markets in Brazil, TV Globo’s journalism can quickly reach anywhere the news are; bringing the most important issues to their viewers.

TV Globo offers shows for all kinds of tastes. Popular game shows include theDomingão do Faustão, presented by Fausto Silva on Sundays; Caldeirão do Huck, with Luciano Huck and Altas Horas, with Serginho Groisman.

Programa do Jô, The most renowned talk show in Brazil, is also a highlight of the high quality programming, and during daytime Ana Maria Braga leads Mais Você, a show that mixes culinary, health and fashion.

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